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weight loss journal for women

Weight Loss Journal For Women

THIS IS A POWERFUL Weight loss journal for women, exclusively designed to keep you on track and SUCCEED in your weight loss journey.

Keep track of your weight loss daily. This planner has everything you need to keep on course and succeed in your weight loss program. Calorie Counter, Diet Planner, Weekly Weigh-In, Exercise Planner, Weight Loss Tracker. And of course, a Beautiful Matte Floral Cover.

We want you to succeed, that’s why we created this beautiful Weight Loss Journal For Women – the perfect tool for women who want to lose weight permanently and keep it off.


• WEIGHT LOSS TRACKER – Lose weight and keep it off with a weight loss tracker.

• BODY MEASUREMENTS – Track your body measurement along with your weight loss. Know how much you’ve lost in inches, not just pounds!

• CALORIE COUNTER – The calorie counter allows you to keep track of the calories for each meal you have throughout the day.

• WEEKLY EXERCISE PLANNER – Schedule a workout routine that is tailored to you. Make sure you are hitting your fitness goals with our weekly planner!

• WEEKLY WEIGH-IN – Weigh-in is an important part of losing weight. Keep a record of your progress in this journal and stay motivated by seeing your results.

• NOTES SECTION – This section is for all of your extra thoughts, ideas, and goals! Use it to remind yourself why you’re working toward your goal.

With all of the information you can track in this weight loss journal, you’ll finally be able to find realistic and feasible ways in your hectic schedule to hit on your ideal goal weight soon. Finally, it won’t feel like a pipe dream anymore! Now is the time to make it happen.

Order your Weight Loss Journal for Women today and start seeing the results you’ve been dreaming of!

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