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mindfulness coloring book for adults


Do You Love Peaceful And Relaxing Times?

Melinda Green presents an adult coloring book full of relaxing designs. Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious, or aware of something. These 50 beautiful designs are designed to cheer you up, relax you, and give you hours of stress-free coloring fun and satisfaction.

Each design has been hand-picked to give you the best coloring experience.

These amazing designs are presented in a style that will relieve stress and challenge you to color them beautifully.

Lately, times have been hard, and coloring in adult coloring books has been very soothing for the soul. The very act of coloring requires concentration and this will relax and de-stress you. There is no doubt that coloring is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time and it has a huge calming effect on us all.

Adult coloring books can also improve your focus level. Coloring activates your frontal lobe, which means that your brain is organizing and problem-solving. Regular coloring sessions allow you to relax from the day and focus on just one thing

The book contains a mixture of simple and more complex positive designs that will lift you up and give you hours of enjoyment.

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